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Say bye-bye to using chatting apps, video conferencing tools, emails, drives, your ERP, and a hundred other apps and tools for your Institutional work!

Newra Students And Faculty App

The two applications are designed with perfection serving every need of the teachers and the students .From attendance to online exams everything can be executed on the application. The teachers can also take online classes , share materials online ,submit assignments, take quizzes and many more features can be accessed .The students can ask their doubts easily through text chat and can use the materials shared at any time or location


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Your Own App

The requirements for each institution are different. We are customer specific and cater to all your needs accordingly. We provide a platform completely dedicated to your institution with your name and own logo. We can add custom features and options to your application like online payment portals, different languages and much more.

Our platform can be completely designed according to the desire of the institutions. Starting from the colour to ending with app icon everything can be done accordingly. This way, Your app will have everything you need to run your institution online fulfilling all your requirements.

Smart Live Classes

Platform designed to make learning easy, it feels just like a real classroom. Teachers and schools save time by having all the tools they need to communicate with students in one easy-to-use custom application. Teach your students through by taking live classes, chat, record, raise your hand and interact with your students.

Our platform is user-friendly, helping students, teachers, and other educational staff to use the system seamlessly. The users will be able to adapt the interface easily and not finding difficulties in finding the solutions they require.

Resources & Online Exams

We provide resources to support and enhance education delivery and management. These resources help students to ensure retention and any time access. With all of your resources and communication in one place, slack can keep students engaged and connected when everyone’s remote.

Our custom testing tool allows you to easily create secure online Exams & assessments with advanced Quiz settings such as time limits, randomize questions, multiple choice, inserting images and much more. We have designed algorithms to minimise the order of questions appearing for each student. We have also taken care of internet connectivity issues that occurs during the test. Conduct different subject exams to different classes and students easily.

Yoga & Meditation

Mental health of students are very much important. Not walking in between classes or while commuting has made students sit idly in front of screens for hours on end. This can cause eye strain, posture problems and pain in muscle and joints. Keeping this in mind we have added yoga and meditation feature adding a little bit of exercise or yoga in the form of a fun activity after the classes can help negate these effects.

. After taking care of all these issues, students can enjoy the actual benefits of E-learning without having to compromise on their physical and mental wellbeing. Health and sleep should be prioritized to achieve academically and make the most out of these hard times.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Newra Education takes the responsible care of learning in a way that you need not look for another tool apart from Newra...


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Our Mission

The mission of our company is to realize the problems around us in our society and to find innovative and realistic solutions to these problems. The goal of the company is to connect to as many sections of the society as possible . The solutions should be efficient and fast in execution and according to the needs of our Indian market. We at NEWRA believe no problem is too big not to be solved and our team has the courage to take any task head on no matter how tough it gets.

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